Chair Based Exercise with Music

Most of us are aware of how important it is to continue to exercise as we age. Having a regular exercise routine can help seniors in a variety of ways, ranging from fall prevention to avoiding depression and relieving arthritis. The challenge that often presents itself is how to find safe forms of exercise that can accommodate the physical limitations ageing often causes.

The Benefits

This form of exercise helps with strength, balance, and flexibility. It has been documented to:
•    Improve core strength and balance
•    Increase flexibility
•    Promote mobility
•    Improve mental health and positive feelings
•    Increase oxygen intake
•    Promote better breathing techniques
•    Help reduce stress and the emotional response to stress
•    Control weight

Chair Based Exercise has been modified to allow participants to perform all of the required exercises from a seated position. It allows seniors and those living with disabilities to reap the benefits of exercise without risking their safety.

For older adults, chair based exercise brings additional benefits. It also helps with chronic pain and symptom management for health problems including arthritis, depression, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and a variety of autoimmune conditions.

The addition of music and sometimes some different types of dance makes the sessions extra fun.

Mondays 11.15 till 12 on the mezzanine which is fully accessible for all with a lift for the less able.


The Birks Cinema Trust gratefully acknowledges the funding provided by the PKC Rural Leader Programme, on behalf of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development