A great place to eat in Aberfeldy

Cinema Treats

Be sweet! Support your community cinema with film fans’ favourite treats to enjoy with your movie…

Whether you prefer popcorn, chewy sweets, chocolate or local produced Stewart Towers ice cream… we’ve got something for everyone here at the cinema!

Freshly popped tubssmall£2.00
Tyrrells Poshcorn bagssmall£1.45
Stewart Tower Ice Cream made in Perthshire
Local gelato-style ice cream and fruity ice tubs
all £2.50
Sweets for Sharing
Chocolate grab bags£2.70
Fruit Pastilles£2.00
Maltesers (box)£2.70
Wine Gums£0.60
... and Birks favourite Lucky Dip classic sweetie bags£1.80
Savoury Snacks
Mini Cheddars£0.80
Pringles small tubs£1.20
Nobby’s Nuts£0.95
… and our individual seat cupholders are ideal for taking in a drink from the Café Bar