Tay Valley Timebank

Timebanking in Aberfeldy

Timebanking can turn strangers into friends. As in all friendships,
you must be ready to receive as well as to give. The Timebank will
not work without this. Timebanking is not volunteering or charity.
It is about every Timebank member offering their skills, abilities
and knowledge to help others. In return, you get a service to do
tasks that you need help with, to a level that you can reasonably
expect from an average local person.

Timebanking is not a substitute for services that you would
normally pay for, such as installing a kitchen, or for getting
services on the cheap. It is a way of local people using their time to
do tasks that others need help with.

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Timebanking is people sharing talents, resources and skills in a mutually beneficial way.

We hold weekly drop ins alternately at the Watermill and Birks Cinema. Please see the timetable below.

All are welcome. Come and have a cuppa and a chat.