Advertise On Screen

Looking to make a real impact? Showcase your advert on the big screen…

The cinema attracts a wide and varied audience – welcoming over 32,000 filmgoers and 50,000 visitors through its doors in a year – of all ages and interests.

And your enterprise can be part of the entertainment mix… by featuring your products and services – as advertising before a movie is more accessible than you might think.

Both slide and video options are available to showcase your business to audiences as part of the immersive cinematic experience – enhanced by our state-of-the-art digital projection and surround sound.

Plus you can select a flexible mix of movies to get your message across to a range of audiences – film admissions data means we can guarantee your advert will be seen by a confirmed number of cinemagoers.

Find out more in our Advertising Info Pack about flexible, affordable and effective advertising options to suit your enterprise and budget.

And contact us with your questions and how to get onto the big screen by submitting your enquiry here