Interactive On-line Activities

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As the cinema building is currently closed we have set up some interactive activities on-line so that we can continue to interact with you and you can continue to interact with us and have a bit of fun!

Email us [email protected] and we’ll send you the link to join in. If you need Lego, Paper, or other craft items let us know.


2pm   Interactive Story and Song with Claire Hewitt

A fun activity for 4 – 12 year olds. Each week a different theme.


4.30pm   Origami animals for 4-12year olds with Charlotte Legendre

Each week, you will create an animal, using just one piece of paper! When you have created a few you will find out how to make a wee adventure film of them, or a collage of photographs.


2pm   Craic ‘n’ Craft

Join us on line for a cup of tea, great craic with your favourite craft project


4.30pm   4-12 years Lego Activities with Eileen Merry

Join us with your box of Lego to make a wee project, exchange ideas and maybe making a wee animation in the future.

 For any further information, please contact:

Fiona MacEwan

07990834092  or [email protected]

Posted on 27th April 2020