LE(t’s)GO Looking Trail Clues

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Let the fun begin! 

Solve the clues, then safely go,

Find our logos and bits of Lego!

Look high, look low, look all around,

Somewhere nearby they can be found.


Once you find where, please leave them there,

So we can all do the hunt and let everyone share.


1. Sit and reflect, in this place,
with it’s new, relaxing and beautiful face.
Come and admire the wonderful features
of the real and carved wildlife creatures.

2. The National Bard is etched here,
not far up, actually quite near.
I’m around where the little birdies blithely sing
and o’er my head the hazels hing.

3. A welcome when coming down in to toon,
from this sculptured, soon to be Groom.

4. Bonnie lassie (and laddie), will ye go
to the place I got the inspiration, I think you know.
Sit beside me, though I can’t speak or say,
but come let us spend the lightsome day.

5. Up Urlar road is a steep old climb,
but look around and take your time.
When the road splits, go along to the right,
a lovely view of Aberfeldy will be in your sight.
At the first place you can take a pew
find me here and admire the view.

6. It is so good for you and me,
the lesson that’s called P.E.
How I would nearly delight and boast,
just to watch the ball then hit off the post.
That’s where the Lego hangs still,
the place that meant the score remained nil nil.

7. I shall hang around here,
awaiting the sound of cheer
from the children having lots of fun
and the parents waiting for their return.

8. The town’s place of learning is sadly closed,
but outside, the face that always goes…..
Tick tock…and that’s not a dance,
look at it well and have a good glance
as the Lego piece can be found nearby.
Find it. Have a rest and take a big sigh.

9. This place has my vote, and yours.

10. I am never cross, but do have one on top,
and a face with hands which never stop!
On a weekend day my bell will chime,
I now need another word that will rhyme!

11. If you have a broken leg
or find yourself ready to lay an egg,
you will need to find where the practitioners work,
and then go to where the bicycles lurk.
A Lego piece can be found right here!
And wave to people and spread some cheer.

12. Here, on this smooth surface which each day gets visiting ducks,
the place where its quickly realised that this game is more than luck.
I’m with the beautifully kept flowers, on your way towards the hut,
awaiting the chance to watch people trying to learn to ……?

13. The beauty of the scenery I saw
whilst sitting with Private Farquhar Shaw.
The stone river crossing to your right
really is a majestic sight.

14. Descend me, with your paddle boat held tight,
to the Tay’s flowing rapids, an exciting delight.
Here too the stone river crossing is to your right,
from all angles, what a majestic sight.

15. To get round here with success
more Clubs are required, not less.
I’ll be here, to the left of the 19th pin,
waving and cheering you on for the win’

16. To use me right now, comes with a warning,
but the reasons so won’t have you yawning!
Fore I’m made of plastic you see,
and bouncy and wobbly as can be..!

17. To find this ace place, the ball’s in your court.

18. If you play here, you will be bowled over.

19. Whether hamster to collie, stallion or mare,
this team will heal them with patience and care.

20. With pride I sit empty, equipment all bare.
Waiting for children to return, to play and to share.
At my entrance is where the ticket is hidden.
Can’t wait to welcome you in when it’s no longer forbidden!

21. If you need to spend a penny, 20 is plenty!

22. You will find me here, waiting for the next game,
to see the blue and white strips with their number and name.
Where the long striders dazzle, dribbling down the wing,
crossing for the forward to take a good swing.’

23. In summer I’m flooded with vans and with tents,
bringing welcome visitors to the towns events.
But in winter it’s water that floods every way,
for you see, I’m right next to the Tay!

24. My view is from where you enter the town,
it says a local surname, look across, not down.
The building where they produce many fine nips
for many of the adults to enjoy many fine sips!

25. Wheel barrows and flowers stand at my base,
cast iron with a heart which names this place.

26. If you are passing, and you see a metal bird of prey,
then be safe in the knowledge that the town’s not far away.

27. I’m here in the centre, a shape but not round,
fixed to a seat is where I am found.
The paving is new, you’ll like it when walking,
although you won’t get far before you start talking

28. Where you go for the info…

29. Where i am, is where you have to wait,
it won’t be too long, they’re seldom late.
In Harry Potter its purple, in London they’re red,
It’s just like sitting in a wee glass shed!

30. ‘Last One! Well you’ve certainly shown you can,
I’m outside the building where this idea began.
With my snowcrete exterior, I’ve stood here a long time.
Changed faces over the years, now restored to my prime.
The inspirational images I project, and digital sound,
proves anything is possible when a community rallies round.

Posted on 1st June 2020