The Run

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Anupam Sharma’s The Run documents Australian
politician Pat Farmer’s 2016 Spirit Of India run – a
4,647km endurance challenge which saw Pat run the equivalent of two marathons a day for two months.

Travelling from the nation’s southernmost point to its northern border in support of Australian – Indian relations and educational charities for girls and young women, Sharma’s camera follows the team closely as the challenge unfolds, capturing the relationships, laughs, health scares and frictions as they happen.

As we follow the team, including young and
inexperienced publicist Kevin Nguyen, through the
beautiful and vibrant landscapes of India and the
extreme weather conditions put in their way, they are cheered along on every step of the route by
thousands, led by a no-nonsense Farmer. The Run is hilarious, tense and inspirational filmmaking, keeping you with Farmer every painful step of the way.

Performance Times

Duration: 104 mins



BBFC Classification: 15 - Suitable only for 15 years and over