Your Community Cinema has a brand new look online!

Category: The Birks Cinema Trust

Creating the new online look for your community cinema has involved a significant number of people both within The Birks Cinema and other organisations.

Big thanks are due for the efforts and enthusiasm of the following:

  • Alayne – for her expertise in marketing and wordsmithing, patience and resilience
  • Kyle & Cameron of Form Digital – for their significant personal investment in growing a large and attractive website
  • Mark & Steph of Mission10 – for their rapid assembly of the contact forms and process
  • Dave of GraniteSEO – for expert answers to so many questions
  • Omar Shamma & David Brown – for taking photos which show off this special venue
  • Fiona – for providing a huge contribution to the Community pages
  • Peter Guthrie – for recommending WordPress websites, and frequent fixing and ongoing reassurance
  • Connie Michie – for efficiently organising at short notice a lot of data
  • James Matchett – for hosting our website over the last 10 years
  • Mark Bridgeman – for providing the concepts justifying the new website
  • Simon, David, Corinne, and other staff – for checking the website content and links

You have created a website that displays the best of The Birks Cinema, and a website we can rapidly and easily adapt in the future.

Thank you all!

The Board of Trustees

Posted on 28th April 2019