Your Community, Your Cinema – Your Support

We know that so many people across the country and in our community have been impacted by recent events, and continue to be so. And we don’t ask lightly for your support, but as our doors remain closed for the foreseeable future, we will need to rely on our community to help to save the cinema for the future.

Unlike many other cinemas and arts organisations, we are a community cinema and a charity. So closing our doors has a much wider impact than not being able to show some great films.

In the run up to Easter, when we would have expected many full houses, we are asking everyone who might have visited the cinema with their family or friends to please consider donating to support us, even the price of a family ticket for one or two visits in the next week or so will make a huge difference, and if you can afford to please donate more.

We currently have no revenue coming in, which means we will struggle to open our doors again without some significant help from you and others in the community.

Every penny that is donated or raised at the cinema, goes into our community, whether supporting those locally or helping to keep the cinema operating in the future.

Please donate whatever you can now, and spread the word.

Our Community projects are still very much up and running, with the support of our Community Development Coordinator and other members of Tay Valley Timebank. The team are working in and around our community to help those who are self-isolating. If you need help or support please contact them on 07507479555. Please do call if you need help or email if you want to volunteer.

Coronavirus Support in the Aberfeldy Area

Tay Valley Timebank and The Birks Cinema Trust are coordinating support in the PH15 postcode area for people who will be self-isolating over the next few months due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We are offering to help with shopping, prescription collection, etc.

People in Need

We have set up a phone line for people that need practical help at 07507 479555. We will link people to a volunteer who can help them. Please let your networks know about this.

We hope to distribute postcards with the information on the back to all households in the area.  We hope this may be done through the Post Office but we may need volunteers to help. Let us know if you can deliver leaflets in your street or community.

The Care and Wellbeing Cooperative are also offering to try to offer support for people who may have issues with their existing care packages. Please contact Heather from the Coop at 07495 953057.


If you would like to volunteer your time, please email your contact details to (name, address, email, phone) or text 07990 834092. We are setting up a WhatsApp group. Volunteers need to have no underlying medical conditions which they feel could put them at greater risk from the Coronavirus.

Thank You

And finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and ask for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you to The Birks Cinema soon.